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Everything You Need to Know About Nottingham MD

Chapter 1: The History of Nottingham, MD

Nottingham, MD, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back centuries. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, the area began to see European settlers in the early 1700s. These settlers were drawn to the region’s fertile land and abundant resources, making it an ideal place for farming and trade. Over time, Nottingham grew into a bustling community with a diverse population.

During the Revolutionary War, Nottingham played a significant role as a supply center for the Continental Army. The town’s strategic location made it a vital hub for transporting goods and troops. Many buildings from this era still stand today, offering a glimpse into the past and a testament to the town’s resilience and importance.

In the 19th century, Nottingham continued to thrive with the expansion of the railroad. This new mode of transportation brought even more people and businesses to the area, further boosting its economy. The town’s population grew, and new industries emerged, including milling and manufacturing. Nottingham’s growth during this period laid the foundation for its future development.

The 20th century brought significant changes to Nottingham. The town saw a surge in population after World War II, as many veterans and their families moved to the area. This post-war boom led to the construction of new homes, schools, and businesses, transforming Nottingham into a modern suburban community. The town’s infrastructure improved, and new amenities were introduced, making it an attractive place to live.

Nottingham has also been a site of cultural and social development. Over the years, the town has hosted numerous festivals, parades, and community events that celebrate its diverse heritage. These events have brought people together and fostered a strong sense of community. Nottingham’s cultural richness is evident in its many historic sites, museums, and cultural centers that preserve and promote its unique history.

Today, Nottingham is a thriving community with a mix of old and new. The town has managed to preserve its historic charm while embracing modernity. Visitors can explore its historic districts, enjoy its parks and recreational facilities, and experience its vibrant cultural scene. Nottingham’s rich history is a source of pride for its residents and a key part of its identity.

As we move into the 21st century, Nottingham continues to grow and evolve. The town is committed to preserving its historical legacy while planning for a sustainable future. New developments and initiatives aim to enhance the quality of life for residents and ensure that Nottingham remains a great place to live, work, and visit.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Early Native American inhabitants
  • European settlers and the town’s founding
  • Nottingham’s role in the Revolutionary War
  • The impact of the railroad in the 19th century
  • Post-World War II population boom and suburban development
  • Cultural and social development in Nottingham
  • Preservation of historical sites and modern growth

Chapter 2: The Geography and Climate of Nottingham, MD

Nestled in the heart of Maryland, Nottingham boasts a varied and picturesque landscape. The town is located in Baltimore County and is characterized by its rolling hills, lush forests, and scenic waterways. These natural features provide residents and visitors with numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and scenic views.

The climate in Nottingham is classified as humid subtropical, which means it experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are typically hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching into the high 80s or 90s. This is the perfect time to enjoy the town’s parks, swimming pools, and other outdoor amenities. Many residents take advantage of the warm weather to host barbecues, picnics, and outdoor gatherings.

Autumn in Nottingham is a beautiful time of year. The town’s many trees turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities. The cooler temperatures make it an ideal time for hiking, biking, and exploring the local parks. Fall festivals and events are also popular during this season, bringing the community together to celebrate the harvest and the changing leaves.

Winter in Nottingham can be chilly, with temperatures often dipping below freezing. While the town doesn’t typically see heavy snowfall, it does get its fair share of winter weather. Residents can enjoy ice skating, sledding, and other winter activities. The holiday season is a particularly festive time, with many community events, parades, and light displays that add to the town’s charm.

Spring is a time of renewal in Nottingham. As the temperatures begin to rise, the town’s gardens and parks come to life with blooming flowers and budding trees. This is a great time for gardening, bird watching, and enjoying the outdoors. Spring festivals and events celebrate the season’s beauty and provide opportunities for residents to come together and enjoy the fresh air.

Nottingham’s diverse geography and climate also support a wide range of plant and animal life. The town’s parks and natural areas are home to many species of birds, mammals, and other wildlife. This biodiversity is a source of pride for the community and offers numerous opportunities for nature lovers to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Nottingham’s location in Baltimore County
  • Description of the town’s landscape and natural features
  • The humid subtropical climate and four distinct seasons
  • Summer activities and outdoor amenities
  • Autumn foliage and seasonal festivals
  • Winter weather and holiday events
  • Springtime renewal and outdoor activities
  • Biodiversity in Nottingham’s parks and natural areas

Chapter 3: Local Government and Community Services

Nottingham’s local government is dedicated to providing excellent services and ensuring a high quality of life for its residents. The town operates under a council-manager form of government, which includes a town council and a town manager. The council is responsible for making policy decisions, while the town manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the local government.

Community services in Nottingham are designed to meet the needs of all residents. The town offers a range of services, including public safety, public works, and recreational programs. The Nottingham Police Department works tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community. They engage in community policing efforts, crime prevention programs, and emergency response services.

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the town’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and public buildings. They also manage waste collection, recycling programs, and water and sewer services. Their work is essential to keeping Nottingham clean, safe, and functioning smoothly.

Recreational services in Nottingham are plentiful. The town boasts several parks, sports fields, and recreational facilities that provide residents with opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. The Parks and Recreation Department organizes a variety of programs and events, including youth sports leagues, fitness classes, and community festivals. These activities help foster a sense of community and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Education is a top priority in Nottingham. The town is served by the Baltimore County Public Schools system, which includes several highly regarded schools. These schools offer a range of academic and extracurricular programs designed to support student success. In addition to public schools, Nottingham is home to several private schools and educational institutions that provide additional options for families.

Healthcare services in Nottingham are comprehensive and accessible. The town is served by several hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers that offer a range of medical services. These facilities are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by skilled professionals who are committed to providing high-quality care. Nottingham also offers numerous wellness programs and resources to support the health and well-being of its residents.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of life in Nottingham. The town encourages residents to get involved in local government, volunteer for community projects, and participate in civic activities. Numerous community organizations and clubs offer opportunities for residents to connect, collaborate, and make a positive impact. This strong sense of community is one of Nottingham’s greatest strengths.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of Nottingham’s local government structure
  • Public safety services provided by the Nottingham Police Department
  • Public Works Department responsibilities and services
  • Recreational programs and facilities in Nottingham
  • Education options and schools in Nottingham
  • Healthcare services and facilities
  • Community engagement and volunteer opportunities

Chapter 4: Education and Schools in Nottingham, MD

Education is a cornerstone of the Nottingham community, with a strong emphasis on providing high-quality learning experiences for students of all ages. The town is served by the Baltimore County Public Schools system, which includes several top-rated schools known for their academic excellence and innovative programs. These schools offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects, arts, physical education, and extracurricular activities.

Nottingham’s elementary schools are dedicated to creating a strong foundation for young learners. These schools focus on developing essential skills in reading, writing, math, and science, while also fostering creativity and critical thinking. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods to engage students and make learning enjoyable. Additionally, elementary schools in Nottingham offer a range of after-school programs and clubs that cater to diverse interests.

Middle schools in Nottingham provide a supportive environment where students can explore new subjects and develop their talents. The curriculum includes advanced courses in math and science, as well as opportunities for students to participate in performing arts, athletics, and technology programs. Middle schools also emphasize character education, helping students develop important social and emotional skills.

High schools in Nottingham are known for their rigorous academic programs and wide range of extracurricular activities. Students can choose from a variety of advanced placement (AP) courses, career and technical education (CTE) programs, and fine arts classes. High schools also offer numerous sports teams, clubs, and student organizations that encourage leadership and teamwork. These opportunities prepare students for success in college, careers, and beyond.

In addition to public schools, Nottingham is home to several private schools that provide alternative educational options. These schools offer specialized programs, smaller class sizes, and a focus on individualized instruction. Families can choose from religious-based schools, Montessori programs, and other private institutions that align with their educational philosophies and values.

Higher education opportunities are also available near Nottingham. Several colleges and universities in the Baltimore area offer a range of degree programs and continuing education courses. These institutions provide local residents with access to higher education and opportunities for professional development. Community colleges offer flexible schedules and affordable tuition, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to further their education.

Special education services in Nottingham are designed to support students with diverse learning needs. The town’s schools provide individualized education programs (IEPs) and resources to help students succeed academically and socially. Special education teachers and support staff work closely with families to create a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of the Baltimore County Public Schools system
  • Elementary schools and early education programs
  • Middle schools and curriculum highlights
  • High schools and extracurricular opportunities
  • Private schools and alternative educational options
  • Higher education institutions near Nottingham
  • Special education services and support

Chapter 5: Parks and Recreation in Nottingham, MD

Nottingham is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wealth of parks and recreational facilities that cater to all ages and interests. The town’s commitment to providing green spaces and recreational opportunities is evident in its well-maintained parks, sports fields, and community centers. These amenities not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also promote physical activity and social interaction.

One of the crown jewels of Nottingham’s park system is White Marsh Park. This expansive park features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields. It’s a popular destination for families, fitness enthusiasts, and nature lovers. The park’s trails wind through scenic woodlands and open meadows, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Honeygo Run Regional Park is another beloved recreational spot in Nottingham. This park offers a variety of amenities, including a dog park, a nature center, and multiple sports fields. It’s a hub of activity, hosting youth sports leagues, fitness classes, and community events throughout the year. The park’s nature center provides educational programs and activities that connect visitors with the natural world.

For those who enjoy aquatic activities, the Nottingham Swim Club is a great place to cool off and have fun. The club features a large outdoor pool, a kiddie pool, and a swim team program. It’s a favorite summer hangout for families, offering swimming lessons, social events, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Nottingham also has several community centers that provide indoor recreational opportunities. These centers offer fitness facilities, gymnasiums, and multipurpose rooms for classes and events. The Nottingham Community Center, for example, hosts a variety of programs, including dance classes, yoga sessions, and art workshops. These centers are a hub of community activity, bringing people together to learn, play, and socialize.

Youth sports are a big part of life in Nottingham. The town offers a wide range of sports programs for children and teens, including soccer, baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. These programs are designed to teach skills, promote teamwork, and foster a love of sports. Many of the town’s sports leagues are run by volunteers who are passionate about providing positive experiences for young athletes.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the town’s proximity to natural attractions such as Gunpowder Falls State Park. This large state park offers hiking, fishing, canoeing, and camping opportunities. Its scenic trails and waterways provide endless possibilities for adventure and exploration.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of Nottingham’s parks and green spaces
  • Features and amenities of White Marsh Park
  • Activities and programs at Honeygo Run Regional Park
  • The Nottingham Swim Club and aquatic activities
  • Community centers and indoor recreational facilities
  • Youth sports programs and leagues
  • Natural attractions near Nottingham, including Gunpowder Falls State Park

Chapter 6: Local Economy and Businesses in Nottingham, MD

Nottingham’s local economy is vibrant and diverse, offering a wide range of businesses and industries that contribute to the town’s prosperity. From small family-owned shops to large corporations, Nottingham’s business community is a vital part of its identity. The town’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive business environment make it an attractive place for entrepreneurs and established companies alike.

Retail is a significant sector in Nottingham’s economy. The town is home to several shopping centers, including the popular White Marsh Mall. This mall features a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a favorite destination for both residents and visitors. In addition to the mall, Nottingham has numerous smaller retail establishments that offer unique products and services.

The service industry also plays a crucial role in Nottingham’s economy. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are plentiful, offering a wide range of dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a fine dining experience, Nottingham has something to suit every palate. Many of these establishments are locally owned and operated, adding to the town’s charm and character.

Healthcare is another major industry in Nottingham. The town is served by several medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare providers. These institutions offer high-quality medical care and contribute significantly to the local economy. Healthcare professionals in Nottingham are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the community.

Education and research also contribute to Nottingham’s economic landscape. The presence of schools, colleges, and research institutions provides employment opportunities and fosters innovation. These institutions not only educate the next generation but also engage in research and development activities that drive economic growth.

Manufacturing and construction are important sectors as well. Nottingham has several manufacturing facilities that produce a range of goods, from consumer products to industrial equipment. The construction industry is thriving, with numerous residential and commercial projects underway. These industries provide jobs and support the town’s continued development and expansion.

Technology and innovation are increasingly becoming part of Nottingham’s economic fabric. The town is attracting tech startups and innovative companies that are developing cutting-edge products and services. These businesses benefit from Nottingham’s skilled workforce, access to capital, and supportive business environment.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of Nottingham’s local economy
  • Retail sector and major shopping centers
  • The role of the service industry in the local economy
  • Healthcare facilities and their economic impact
  • Education and research institutions in Nottingham
  • Manufacturing and construction industries
  • Emerging technology and innovation sectors

Chapter 7: Transportation and Infrastructure in Nottingham, MD

Transportation and infrastructure are critical components of life in Nottingham, MD. The town’s well-developed transportation network and modern infrastructure make it easy for residents and visitors to get around and access essential services. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring the area, Nottingham’s transportation options have you covered.

Nottingham is conveniently located near several major highways, including Interstate 95 and Route 1. These highways provide easy access to Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and other surrounding areas. The town’s strategic location makes it an ideal place for commuters who work in nearby cities but prefer to live in a suburban setting.

Public transportation in Nottingham is efficient and accessible. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) operates several bus routes that serve the town and connect it to the broader Baltimore metropolitan area. These buses are a convenient option for those who prefer not to drive or want to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, the MARC train service provides a reliable and comfortable way to travel to Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Cycling is a popular mode of transportation in Nottingham, thanks to the town’s bike-friendly infrastructure. Nottingham has several bike lanes and trails that make it safe and enjoyable to ride a bike. These trails also provide a great way to explore the town’s scenic parks and natural areas. For those who prefer walking, Nottingham’s sidewalks and pedestrian paths offer a pleasant and convenient way to get around.

The town’s infrastructure includes modern utilities and services that support the needs of its residents. Nottingham’s public works department ensures that roads, bridges, and public buildings are well-maintained. They also manage water and sewer services, waste collection, and recycling programs. These services are essential for maintaining the town’s quality of life and ensuring that it remains a great place to live.

Nottingham is also committed to sustainable development and green infrastructure. The town has implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainability. These include energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy projects, and programs to conserve water and reduce waste. These efforts help protect the environment and create a healthier, more sustainable community.

Technology plays a significant role in Nottingham’s infrastructure. The town has invested in modern telecommunications and internet services to ensure that residents have access to high-speed internet and reliable communication networks. This connectivity is essential for businesses, education, and everyday life, making Nottingham a tech-savvy and forward-thinking community.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of Nottingham’s transportation network
  • Major highways and commuter routes
  • Public transportation options and services
  • Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Public works and utility services
  • Sustainable development and green infrastructure
  • Technology and telecommunications in Nottingham

Chapter 8: Community Events and Festivals in Nottingham, MD

Community events and festivals are a vibrant part of life in Nottingham, MD. These events bring residents together, celebrate the town’s rich culture and heritage, and create lasting memories. From seasonal festivals to local fairs, there’s always something happening in Nottingham that fosters a sense of community and joy.

One of the most popular events in Nottingham is the annual Nottingham Fall Festival. This festival celebrates the beauty of autumn with a variety of activities, including live music, craft vendors, food trucks, and carnival rides. It’s a family-friendly event that attracts visitors from all over the region. The festival’s highlight is the pumpkin carving contest, where participants showcase their creativity and compete for prizes.

The Nottingham Summer Concert Series is another beloved tradition. Held in one of the town’s parks, this series features live performances by local bands and musicians. Residents bring picnic blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy an evening of music under the stars. The concert series is a great way to support local artists and enjoy the warm summer nights.

Holiday celebrations are also a big part of Nottingham’s community life. The town hosts a variety of events during the holiday season, including a tree lighting ceremony, a holiday parade, and a winter market. These events bring the community together to celebrate the season and create a festive atmosphere. Children especially enjoy meeting Santa Claus and participating in holiday crafts and activities.

Nottingham is also known for its cultural festivals that celebrate the town’s diverse heritage. The Nottingham International Festival, for example, showcases the food, music, and traditions of different cultures represented in the community. This festival promotes understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity and provides an opportunity for residents to learn about and celebrate different cultures.

The town’s community centers and parks are often the venues for these events. These facilities provide the perfect setting for gatherings and activities. The Nottingham Community Center, for example, hosts a variety of programs and events throughout the year, including fitness classes, art workshops, and social gatherings. These activities help residents stay active, learn new skills, and connect with their neighbors.

In addition to organized events, Nottingham residents enjoy informal community gatherings. Neighborhood block parties, barbecues, and game nights are common occurrences that strengthen the bonds between neighbors. These gatherings create a sense of belonging and make Nottingham a friendly and welcoming place to live.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of community events and festivals in Nottingham
  • The Nottingham Fall Festival and its activities
  • The Summer Concert Series and live music performances
  • Holiday celebrations and festive events
  • Cultural festivals and the International Festival
  • Community centers and their role in hosting events
  • Informal community gatherings and neighborhood activities

Chapter 9: Dining and Entertainment in Nottingham, MD

Dining and entertainment options in Nottingham, MD, are as diverse as they are delightful. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal, fine dining, or a night out on the town, Nottingham has something to offer. The town’s restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues provide a wide range of experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Nottingham’s dining scene is characterized by its variety. From local eateries serving comfort food to upscale restaurants offering gourmet cuisine, there’s something for everyone. Many of the town’s restaurants are family-owned and offer unique, home-cooked dishes that reflect the community’s diverse cultural heritage. Whether you’re craving Italian, Mexican, Asian, or American cuisine, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your appetite.

For those who enjoy a lively atmosphere, Nottingham has several bars and pubs that offer great food, drinks, and entertainment. These venues often feature live music, trivia nights, and other events that make for a fun night out. Sports fans can catch the latest games on big-screen TVs while enjoying a cold beer and delicious pub fare.

Cafes and coffee shops in Nottingham provide a cozy setting for a relaxing meal or a casual meet-up with friends. These establishments offer a variety of coffee drinks, teas, pastries, and light meals. They are popular spots for students, remote workers, and anyone looking for a comfortable place to unwind and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Entertainment options in Nottingham go beyond dining. The town has several theaters and performance venues that host a variety of shows, including plays, concerts, and dance performances. These venues support local artists and provide a platform for cultural expression. The Nottingham Community Theater, for example, is known for its high-quality productions and community engagement.

Movie lovers will appreciate the town’s cinemas, which show the latest blockbusters as well as independent and classic films. These theaters offer a great way to relax and enjoy a night out with family or friends. Some cinemas also host special events, such as film festivals and themed movie nights, that add to the entertainment options in Nottingham.

Outdoor entertainment is also popular in Nottingham. The town’s parks and outdoor spaces are often used for community events, concerts, and festivals. These outdoor venues provide a beautiful backdrop for entertainment and offer a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Nottingham while having fun.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of dining options in Nottingham
  • Variety of restaurants and types of cuisine available
  • Bars, pubs, and nightlife in Nottingham
  • Cafes and coffee shops as social hubs
  • Theaters and performance venues for live entertainment
  • Cinemas and movie-going experiences
  • Outdoor entertainment and events in parks and public spaces

Chapter 10: Living in Nottingham, MD

Living in Nottingham, MD, offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. The town’s welcoming community, excellent schools, and abundant amenities make it an attractive place to call home. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, Nottingham has something to offer everyone.

One of the key factors that make Nottingham a great place to live is its strong sense of community. Residents are friendly and engaged, often participating in local events, volunteer opportunities, and neighborhood activities. This sense of camaraderie creates a supportive environment where people look out for one another and build lasting relationships.

Housing options in Nottingham are diverse, ranging from single-family homes to townhouses and apartments. The town’s real estate market offers something for every budget and lifestyle. Many homes in Nottingham feature spacious yards, modern amenities, and convenient access to schools, parks, and shopping centers. The town’s neighborhoods are well-maintained and provide a safe and pleasant living environment.

Education is a top priority for families living in Nottingham. The town’s schools are part of the Baltimore County Public Schools system, which is known for its high academic standards and comprehensive programs. In addition to public schools, Nottingham has several private and charter schools that offer alternative educational options. The town’s commitment to education ensures that children receive a quality education and are well-prepared for the future.

Healthcare services in Nottingham are top-notch. The town is home to several medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare providers. These institutions offer a wide range of services, from primary care to advanced medical treatments. Residents have access to high-quality healthcare and wellness programs that support their overall well-being.

Recreational opportunities abound in Nottingham. The town’s parks, sports fields, and community centers provide residents with numerous options for physical activity and relaxation. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, or playing sports, Nottingham has facilities and programs to suit your interests. The town’s commitment to maintaining green spaces and recreational amenities enhances the quality of life for all residents.

Shopping and dining options in Nottingham are plentiful. The town’s shopping centers, boutiques, and restaurants offer a wide range of products and services. Whether you’re looking for everyday essentials or unique finds, you’ll find plenty of options in Nottingham. The town’s dining scene is equally diverse, with restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and dining experiences.

Transportation in Nottingham is convenient and efficient. The town’s well-maintained roads, public transportation options, and proximity to major highways make it easy to get around. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring the area, Nottingham’s transportation infrastructure ensures that you can do so with ease.

Key Topics in this Chapter:

  • Overview of the living experience in Nottingham
  • Strong sense of community and engagement
  • Diverse housing options and real estate market
  • High-quality education and schools in Nottingham
  • Healthcare services and facilities available to residents
  • Recreational opportunities and amenities
  • Shopping and dining options in Nottingham
  • Convenient transportation and infrastructure

As we look forward to the future of Nottingham, MD, it’s clear that this town offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modern convenience. Its rich heritage, vibrant community, and commitment to growth and development make it an ideal place to live, work, and visit. Whether you’re exploring its parks, enjoying its festivals, or simply taking in the scenic beauty, Nottingham has something for everyone to enjoy.

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Ashton (20861), Barnesville (20838), Beallsville (20839), Bethesda(20814, 20816, 20817, 20892), Boyds (20841), Brinklow (20862),Brookeville(20833), Burtonsville (20866), Cabin John (20818), Chevy Chase (20815), Clarksburg (20871), Damascus (20872), Derwood (20855), Dickerson (20842), Gaithersburg (20877, 20878), Garrett Park (20896), Germantown (20874, 20876), Glen Echo (20812), Kensington (20895),   Montgomery Village (20886, 20877), Olney (20830, 20832), Poolesville (20837), Potomac (20854), Rockville (20850, 20851, 20852, 20853),  Sandy Spring (20860), Silver Spring (20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20905, 20906, 20907, 20908, 20910, 20911, 20914, 20915, 20916), Spencerville (20868), Takoma Park (20901, 20903, 20904, 20910), Washington Grove (20880).
York County Pennsylvania
Airville (17302), Brogue (17309), Codorus (17311), Craley (17312), Dallastown (17313), Delta (17314), Dillsburg (17019), Dover (17315),  East Prospect (17317), Emigsville (17318), Etters (17319), Fawn Grove (17321), Felton (17322), Franklintown (17323), Glen Rock (17327),  Glenville (17329), Hanover PA (17331, 17332, 17333), Lewisberry (17339), Loganville (17342), Manchester (17345), Mount Wolf (17347),  New Freedom (17349),   New Park (17352), Porters Sideling (17354), Railroad (17355), Red Lion (17356), Seven Valleys (17360), Shrewsbury (17361), Spring Grove (17362), Stewartstown (17363), Thomasville (17364), Wellsville (17365), Windsor (17366), Wrightsville (17368), York (17310, 17315, 17318, 17319, 17339, 17352, 17356, 17401, 17402, 17403, 17404, 17405, 17406, 17407, 17408, 17415), York Haven (17370), York New Salem (17371)
Adams County Pennsylvania
Abbottstown (17301), Arendtsville (17303), Aspers (17304), Bendersville (17306), Biglerville (17307), Cashtown (17310), East Berlin (17316),   Fairfield (17320), Gardners (17324), Gettysburg (17325), Idaville (17337), Littlestown (17340), Mc Knightstown (17343), Mc Sherrystown (17344), New Oxford (17350), Orrtanna (17353), York Springs (17372)

Nevins Construction’s Locations

PA Address: Nevins Construction
17295 Waltemyer School Rd.
New Freedom, PA 17349

MD Address: Nevins Construction
304 High Rock Ct.
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225